Money Saving Cruise Tips

The cruise secrets exposed eBook was written by David Kirkland. Kirkland was a hard-working 3-Stripe Cruise Officer who worked for ten years at a major cruise line. Because he no longer wanted to trick passengers into spending obscene amounts of money, he was forced to quit his job! He took a stand and his job was threatened.

With his extensive cruise industry knowledge, he has introduced this astonishing, one-of-a-kind cruise guide that shows you how you can save a boatload of money on every cruise vacation you ever take. These are the techniques that could only come from someone within the cruise industry.Cruise Secrets Exposed

With this cruise secrets exposed eBook, you’ll delve into a treasure chest of savings that even the most experienced cruise passengers don’t know exists. This book includes a full list of 57 expert insider cruise tips that will guarantee you are the most well-prepared and educated passenger on your ship. He even exposes 6 little-known methods that will allow you to cruise for free for the rest of your life.

If you don’t know where to book your cruise, David will tell you the one magic place to book your cruise that guarantees you’ll be showered with more free perks and benefits than any other booking method. And no matter what, your booking will be fully protected– 100 % refundable, changeable and transferable without having to pay any fees whatsoever.

This simple fact is nobody should be a victim! Cruise lines prey on the fact that every passenger who walks up the gangway on embarkation day has absolutely no idea how the cruise industry truly works. As a result, it’s virtually guaranteed that they’ll fall straight into their clever and costly traps. Cruise lines are experts at getting you to empty your pockets while on board. It’s almost like walking into one giant, floating Las Vegas casino. The ship’s layout, the colors, the music, everything is designed to get you to spend more money.Cruise Tips and Tricks

To add insult to injury, the cruise lines then charge you some of the most absurdly inflated prices for everything from drinks, spa treatments, shore excursions, internet, laundry, photographs, alternate dining, gifts and souvenirs and more. Some cruise lines charge $4 for a tiny bottle of water. Why would you want to pay that much money for a bottle of water? How do they get away with this? It’s simple, most people justify their over-spending because after all, they think that a vacation is not a time to worry about money. Cruise lines skillfully conceal all of your options, creating the illusion that spending money is the only path to the amazing cruise vacation you’re after. How else can cruise ships charge $4 for a tiny bottle of water?!! It sounds absurd. Yet it sounds even more absurd when there are water fountains all around the ship full of perfectly safe, drinkable water. Bring a water bottle, fill it up at these fountains, and ‘Voila!’ you just saved $30, $40, $50 over the course of a voyage.Cruise Secrets Exposed Book

And that is just the tip of the iceberg, the tiny, tiny tip. There are literally hundreds of must-know secrets that will save not just $40 or $50, but hundreds and thousands of dollars, both before and during your voyage. The good news is that just by reading the cruise secrets exposed guide once, you can cruise over and over again and the benefits of this insider information will never end. This guide will work for you every single time you take a cruise vacation. Period.

If you saved $200 during your next cruise, this material would be without a doubt, well worth it. When you consider that the sky is the limit in terms of how much money you can save and the extraordinary benefits will apply to every cruise you take ever again. If you don’t agree that this information will save you money during your next cruise, you can return it and get a full refund.