Exclusive & Helpful Cruise Ship Tips and Advice for Your First Cruise

Are you cruising for the first time? Don’t know how you can save time and money? Before embarking upon your first cruising adventure you need to do a little bit ofExclusive Cruise Tips homework so that you can find out these important things. Here you can get some exclusive and helpful cruise tips & advice to make your precious holiday more enjoyable.

1. Choose a suitable season and time your cruise correctly – You need to know about cruises busy seasons and quiet seasons. If you do not have a problem with colder weather, then you can choose a cruise around fall or winter. The prices are generally cheaper around this time. If you choose to book around a busy time of the year like summer, it is recommended to book in advance. It is a good idea to book in advance at least six months before.

2. Keep first day essentials near you – The cruise line checks your luggage and there is a possibility that you will not get your bags until late in the evening. So, it is a better option to keep an extra set of clothes, prescriptions, and other necessary things on hand.

3. Keeping your own medication – A clever way to save money is that you can keep some medicine to use in emergencies such as allergies, constipation medication, motion sickness, and of course sunscreen, sunglasses, etc.

4. Check the daily newsletter – Do not miss daily special offers on the cruise. You can save money and get useful discount offers such as free or discounted drinks, discounts at shops, discounts on spa treatments, spa raffles, and much more.

5. FREE activities are enjoyable – Never miss the opportunity to enjoy free cruise activities, since they are a great way to spend some time on your trip without spending extra cash.

6. Take advantage of FREE daycare – Some major cruise lines offer free childcare for children aged 3 and above. They organize activities and games by trained and qualified childcare staff. The cruise feature onboard water slides, rock climbing walls, game rooms, basketball courts, and other fun activities for kids.

7. Always use the safe in the cabin – Your cabin comes with a built in safe to store your valuables; make sure to use it. Safes aren’t that big, but provide a good obstacle against theft and provide at least a little peace of mind. They are convenient for storing items such as phones, jewelry and cash, with plenty of space to spare.

8. Take a breath of fresh air by booking the balcony cabin – It is true, it will cost a few dollars more, but you can get an unforgettable moment by viewing the uncrowded port and amazing scenery of the sea. Gain a lovely feeling!

9. If you have any objection, you have the right to complain – Cruise staff are always trying to give high quality services, but still if you have any dissatisfaction for their services, foods, or other things, you have the right to voice your opinion.

10. Make an envelope of $1 bills for tipping – Believe me! It is an awesome idea to say thanks to the people who have carried your bags and give support for room service. You can feel a sense of happiness tipping the workers who make your vacation more enjoyable.

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